Andrea Deagle, REHUBS! Designer

A native of Williamsburg, Virginia, I have always enjoyed drawing and design. I took the usual art classes, both at a community gallery and in high school. Since everyone said I was so talented, I figured I should go to college and pursue a future in art. Commercial Art appealed to me and the idea of getting paid to design logos, ads and illustrations seemed perfect. In September 1976 I attended East Carolina University's Leo Jenkins School of Art. Two years there was fantastic and I learned a lot about art and partying! Too much of one and not enough of the other brought me back home to work full time and decide which next path to take.


After spending 10 years working at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in their retail department, I was still haunted by the specter of an unfinished Bachelor's Degree.  Going back to school as a married newlywed was easier in some ways than before and I came away with a BSBA in Marketing. Still attracted to my days in the tourism world, I worked in the hotel industry for 14 years. There was opportunity to be creative by designing flyers and newsletters and I thoroughly enjoyed the travel and camaraderie of the robust group tour business. 


There was always a tug at me to create and I spent time doing the usual crafts - cross stitch, quilting, candlewicking, needlepoint (everything but macrame). All fun and seemed to satisfy my itch for handwork. Anyone who is creative knows you must have an outlet for the ideas, brainstorms and sudden attacks of a "project" or you literally are a frustrated mess. It seems that all of that has brought me to my current endeavor - painting hubcaps. The DIY Network and shows such "Trash To Treasure" inspired me to pick up that first discarded cheap plastic wheelcover and see what I could do with it. Two years later, I have been in craft shows, flea markets and community events where people are quite curious about this new art form. Acrylic and spray paints are my favorite medium and the seemingly unending styles of hubcaps continue to challenge my design ideas. I get ideas for images from art books, flower books, Native American artifacts and even the beach. This is a load of fun and I hope you find yourself enjoying my "green" art.

 Andrea F. Deagle