Folk Art Frenzy

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 11:35 AM

America is crazy for folk art. Not art that is necessarily "fine" but art nonetheless. We see art in many things. We look at potato chips and see forms we identify as familiar. We look at tree bark and see shapes that look like people. We mold sand, butter and chocolate and create sculptures that are unbelieveable even when produced in a mainstream medium such as clay. 

It is the same with my hubcap art. When I find a hubcap, I immediately begin to imagine the possibilties of design. There are so many styles of hubcaps, the images really jump out - could it be a butterfly, a ship's wheel, a crazy sun face or a beautiful garden flower. But wait - what color? Pink, purple, yellow? 

Artists actually can have a hard time deciding what to paint - or at least what to do first since we often get so many ideas. That is why a sketch book is an absolute neccessity.  You can use it to get your idea out of your mind to make room for to the next one!

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